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Brand: Drip It Model: Drip-It-Raspberry-Ice
Iced raspberry is a ripe crisp flavour of juicy raspberry underpinned with a subtle mint that accentuates the main flavour. Its a distinct raspberry with a cool sensation. The mint background is subtle but the ice coldness is not...
Brand: Drip It Model: Drip-It-Skittles
Drip It Skittles E Liquid captures the unique taste of the rainbow coloured candy perfectly!..
Brand: Drip It Model: Drip-It-Strawberry
Reward your tastebuds with this delicious Strawberry Eliquid..
Brand: Drip It Model: Drip-It-Strawberry-Jam
Strawberry Jam eliquid is a garden fruit blend featuring sugary and savoury hints, ideal for vapers looking for a breakfast flavour variant...
Brand: Drip It Model: Drip-It-Strawberry-Watermelon
A ripe strawberry flavour comes through first, bringing with it juicy notes, whilst the light taste of fresh watermelon develops and adds a tropical note on exhale..
Brand: Fision Liquids Model: Fision-Liquids-Bannana-Milkshake
Shake it up! Mix it up! Banana Milkshake in all it's sweet and glory! Bannana with all the cream and ice cream! YEAH!!..
Brand: Fision Liquids Model: Fision-Liquids-Caramel-Cake
Silky smooth caramel wrapped in a flakey cakey casing - liquidated into a plastic bottle ready to fissile on your hot hot coils...
Brand: Fision Liquids Model: Fision-Liquids-Cherry-Pie
Fresh out of the oven cherry pie, thick and sugary pastries joined by the sharp but subtle sweet taste of cherries...
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