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Shortfills 50ml

Here are our 50ml bottles of Vape Juice. The 50ml is the Juice quantity, each bottle has enough space to add nicotine in the amount you need. Adding Nicotine should only be done if you are a smoker looking to quit!

Brand: Fision Liquids Model: Fision-Liquids-Bannana-Milkshake
Shake it up! Mix it up! Banana Milkshake in all it's sweet and glory! Bannana with all the cream and ice cream! YEAH!!..
Brand: Fision Liquids Model: Fision-Liquids-Caramel-Cake
Silky smooth caramel wrapped in a flakey cakey casing - liquidated into a plastic bottle ready to fissile on your hot hot coils...
Brand: Fision Liquids Model: Fision-Liquids-Cherry-Pie
Fresh out of the oven cherry pie, thick and sugary pastries joined by the sharp but subtle sweet taste of cherries...
Brand: Fision Liquids Model: Fision-Liquids-Milky-Bar
Smooth and milky nougart - coated in sweet milk chocolate a lactose nightmare without the lactose...
Brand: Fision Liquids Model: Fision-Liquids-Strawberry-Poptart
Smooth and milky nougart - coated in sweet milk chocolate a lactose nightmare without the lactose...
Brand: Retro Juice Model: Retro-Juice-Fruit-Salad
A beautiful mix of all of your favorite fruity sweets wrapped into a shining bottle of eliquid. A delicious fruit salad catered to you!..
Brand: Retro Juice Model: Retro-Juice-Jelly-Babies
Soft chewy and sweet jelly babies condensed into a liquid vapable form. A real retro juice sweet shop classic...
Brand: Retro Juice Model: Retro-Juice-Lemon-&-Raspberry
Sugary bitter sweet gems of happiness. Taste the classic contrast of sour lemon & sweet raspberry...
Brand: Retro Juice Model: Retro-Juice-Rhubard-&-Custard
The most classic sweet flavour in our range! Take one these classic hardboiled gems of delicious dessetyness...
Brand: Retro Juice Model: Retro-Juice-Whammo
Wham! This hits your taste buds like a locomotive train, sharp sweets and bludgeoning sours. Take on this corner. Shop classic...
Brand: Romance 50/50 Model: Romance-Apple-Blackcurrant
Romance Apple and Blackcurrant 0 nicotine e-Liquid 50/50 VG/PG 50ml..
Brand: Romance 50/50 Model: Romance-Berry-Menthol
Romance Berry Menthol 0 nicotine e-Liquid 50/50 VG/PG 50ml..
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