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Shortfills 50ml

Here are our 50ml bottles of Vape Juice. The 50ml is the Juice quantity, each bottle has enough space to add nicotine in the amount you need. Adding Nicotine should only be done if you are a smoker looking to quit!

Brand: Vape Lovers Model: Vape-Lovers-Pink-Lemonade-50ml
After the recent accident with our carbonator we decided to run the experiment again….well without the dead lab technicians, we discovered by extracting pink from the colour spectrum and adding it to our carbonation drum, we can in fact infuse the visually stimulation of colour with lemonade, we hav..
Brand: Vape Lovers Model: Vape-Lovers-Pink-Man-50ml
One of scientist in our secret lab has went rouge! He vanished a few weeks ago, occasionally he leaves bottles of a mysterious eliquid behind, some call him the Pink Man. We’ve studied this strange brew, inspected all the crazy properties, lab grown aniseed, mutant grapefruit, bitter boiled lemons…i..
Brand: Vape Lovers Model: Vape-Lovers-Red-A-50ml
Get “Red A” for one of scientists greatest creations yet. We took the god particle and threw it through our inter-dimensional portal machine. After ageing for several days we sent a team of 5 scientists through the portal. One returned, baring an insane fruit like object, upon examination, the berri..
Brand: Vape Lovers Model: Vape Lovers Strawberry 50ml
Our lab geeks over at our secret laboratory have been working on condensing the taste of strawberry by using compression methods similar to those in a black hole. We worked out by adding more strawberries and compressing them into an infinitesimal point, we can literally recreate the flavour of a st..
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