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Fanticy 50ml

Brand: Fanticy 50ml Model: Fanticy-Apple
Our Apple e liquid offers a clean, refreshing green apple flavour, with a slight candied aftertaste. A balance of light, crisp flavouring with sweet undertones...
Brand: Fanticy 50ml Model: Fanticy-Grape
Equally delicious when made into wine or eaten out of the hand, the grape is one of the world's most important fruits. The grape is capable of expressing so many different flavour profiles that one could fill a book with descriptions of all the different varietals..
Brand: Fanticy 50ml Model: Fanticy-Mango
A taste of the tropic with this mango flavour e-juice. This is a simple flavour but very fruity and makes a great all-day vape...
Brand: Fanticy 50ml Model: Fanticy-Orange
Do you like the taste of oranges? Then this will be right up your alley! Deliciously sweet & juicy Orange E liquid, blended by Fanticy..
Brand: Fanticy 50ml Model: Fanticy-Tropical
Tropical Twist is a mango, orange, and pineapple eliquid that will give you those sweet sensations that you wish to indulge in. Pull in a mouthful of delicious fruit flavors that will instantly transport you to your own tropical island...
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