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Retro Juice

Brand: Retro Juice Model: Retro-Juice-Fruit-Salad
A beautiful mix of all of your favorite fruity sweets wrapped into a shining bottle of eliquid. A delicious fruit salad catered to you!..
Brand: Retro Juice Model: Retro-Juice-Jelly-Babies
Soft chewy and sweet jelly babies condensed into a liquid vapable form. A real retro juice sweet shop classic...
Brand: Retro Juice Model: Retro-Juice-Lemon-&-Raspberry
Sugary bitter sweet gems of happiness. Taste the classic contrast of sour lemon & sweet raspberry...
Brand: Retro Juice Model: Retro-Juice-Rhubard-&-Custard
The most classic sweet flavour in our range! Take one these classic hardboiled gems of delicious dessetyness...
Brand: Retro Juice Model: Retro-Juice-Whammo
Wham! This hits your taste buds like a locomotive train, sharp sweets and bludgeoning sours. Take on this corner. Shop classic...
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